Before & After Gallery of Braces

Getting orthodontic treatment, such as braces, is very common, but not everyone knows what to anticipate once they’re in! If you’re curious about what to expect before and after traditional braces or Invisalign, check out our gallery below for pre- and post-procedure pictures of our patients’ new smiles!

We always recommend starting each treatment with a free consultation to determine the best option for straightening your teeth. In this consultation, we explain how your braces or Invisalign work, how to take care of them, and certain outcomes to avoid. Before your first appointment, be sure to clean your teeth and prepare mentally for a little discomfort. Having braces or Invisalign installed can be a disconcerting experience at first, but with time and your orthodontist’s instructions, you’ll find it easy to adjust! During your treatment, you’ll return to our office for checkups, any possible repairs, and tightening sessions to maintain your braces or Invisalign.

When it’s time to remove your braces, we’ll work with you in office for a smooth transition and to shape your post-treatment retainer. Orthodontists usually fit patients for retainers to prevent your teeth from shifting after your braces come off. Retainers are usually removable, but your orthodontist might recommend one that can be fixed into a hidden position in your mouth. Be sure to brush and rinse your teeth and retainer regularly with fluoride toothpaste to maintain them.

Whether you’re looking for a slight adjustment or a dramatic new look, braces are a cost-effective way to straighten teeth without veneers or crowns.

If you’re not sure if braces or Invisalign are right for you, it’s easy to find out! Join us for a free, no-obligation consultation to assess your orthodontic needs and financial options.