Financial Options for Orthodontic Treatments

Office Policies

How much is orthodontic treatment?

Fees for orthodontic treatment vary according to the time in treatment and the complexity of treatment. We will be able to discuss the actual fee for your treatment after Dr. Fodero has done and oral exam and determined the course of treatment. We can make your investment in a healthy, beautiful smile easy and affordable with adjustable down payments and flexible monthly payments.

How do you work with my orthodontic insurance?

Many dental insurance plans offer an orthodontic supplemental benefit which would help cover the cost of orthodontics including Invisalign, metal or clear braces. We will verify your orthodontic insurance benefit at your consultation and factor that into the cost of treatment, as well as do all the paperwork necessary to maximize your benefit.

If you have orthodontic insurance, please be sure to fill out the forms that we send you prior to your first appointment so that we can verify your benefit and factor this into the cost of treatment when you come in for your consultation.

Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts

Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts are a great way to use pre-tax money to offset the cost of orthodontic treatment. Many of our patients schedule their consultations in the fall to prepare themselves for the upcoming year. We will work with your FSA or HSA so you can get the most out of your benefit.

Removing Obstacles with OrthoFi

At Chatham Orthodontics we are committed to providing exceptional orthodontic treatment with world-class customer service. We strive to remove obstacles that stand in the way of our patients getting the smile they deserve.

To this extent, we are excited to announce our partnership with OrthoFI, a company that makes paying for orthodontic treatment more accessible. Through OrthoFi, we now have the ability to offer you a customizable financial arrangement with low down payments and flexible financing that allows you to choose monthly payments that fit your family budget. If you’ve been holding off on orthodontic treatment for you or a family member because of financial concerns, OrthoFi could provide the right option for you.

This is the perfect time to explore your orthodontic treatment again. Let US find a way to make treatment affordable for you and your family. If you are interested in seeing what options OrthoFi may have for you to customize your own financing options, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Learn more about OrthoFi by clicking on the logo below.