Affordable Braces

At Chatham Orthodontics we are committed to providing exceptional orthodontic treatment with world-class customer service. We strive to remove obstacles that stand in the way of our patients getting the smile they deserve.

To this extent, we are excited to announce our partnership with OrthoFI, a company that makes paying for orthodontic treatment more accessible. Through OrthoFi, we now have the ability to offer you a customizable financial arrangement with low down payments and flexible financing that allows you to choose monthly payments that fit your family budget. If you’ve been holding off on orthodontic treatment for you or a family member because of financial concerns, OrthoFi could provide the right option for you.

Chatham Orthodontics is committed to providing exceptional and affordable orthodontic treatment. As part of our ongoing initiative to make orthodontic treatment more accessible, we have partnered with OrthoFi to help our patients finance braces or Invisalign.

About OrthoFi

OrthoFi is a start-up technology company dedicated to providing comprehensive and reasonable payment options for orthodontic treatments.

With OrthoFi, our patients can create customizable financial arrangements that offer low down payments and a flexible payment schedule that fits their family’s budget. OrthoFi allows you to designate the terms of your down payment, monthly payment, and length of your payment term. Use the tool’s interface to consider every option before making your final decision. OrthoFi and Chatham Orthodontics will work closely with you every step of the way to determine your financial needs, your perfect orthodontic treatment, and the best financial payment system for you.

Login into OrthoFi anytime or anywhere to build your payment plan, make changes, see updates, or keep in touch with OrthoFi team.

The average cost of braces and similar orthodontist treatments can overwhelm a family in desperate need of orthodontics care. OrthoFi puts the power back into patients’ hands with a consistent and reasonable method of financing treatment. Don’t delay your orthodontic treatment because of financial concerns; let us work with you to deliver the smile you’ve always wanted.

Getting Started

This is the perfect time to explore your orthodontic needs. Chatham Orthodontics strives to make treatment enjoyable and affordable for you and your family. We recommend booking an orthodontist consultation to discover the best treatment options for you. To learn more about OrthoFi or how to customize your own payment plan, please reach out to us via phone or with our contact form.

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